Who is Hodgie?

Sean Hodge - Musician, Teacher, Community Organizer, and Philosopher

   "Sean Hodge is a versatile songwriter who can write everything from simple folk songs with poetic lyrics to mind melting prog rock instrumentals.  He's one of the top guitarists in the Bay Area jam scene, and he's an outstanding improviser. Sean is one of my favorite musicians to play with, and every time we do, it's magical."
- Jeremy Jones, Jeremy Jones Band
"Sean Hodge "Hodgie" is a master of psychedelic riffs with funky style. He's not afraid to take risks and that approach allows the music to take control with amazing results."
- Azariah ""Z" Reynolds, Promoter and Festival organizer for the Lost Sierra Hoedown

Hodgie - The Band


Hodgie is taking the bay area jam scene on a new ride. Sean Hodge (Guitar) and Jordan Feinstein (Keys), along with elite rhythm section Ryan Lukas (Bass) and Erin Cassidy (Drums), have joined forces to destroy the boundaries between genres. The band's inventive originals engage the audience with a range of styles from funk to folk. With improvisation stemming from both the traditions of jazz and the Grateful Dead, the band has something for music lovers from all corners of the galaxy. Sean Hodge's lyrics are uplifting and mystical, featuring songs such as Love is Louder, a sing-along anthem that grabs the room every time. Special guests and covers are a regular additions to the original material the band puts forth each night. Be sure to catch this band as it expands to fill the known universe.

Band Members

Ryan Lukas - Bass

Jordan Feinstein - Keyboards  http://www.jordanandtheritual.com

Erin Cassidy - Drums